About Us

Lateetud is a global award-winning process automation company.

We provide software and implementation for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management (BPM) often fueled with cognitive capabilities such as natural language processing and machine learning.

On-site implementation services include: architecture setup, training, deployment and governance best practices, and shoulder-to-shoulder automation modeling. We also offer off-site automation modeling to augment the Center of Excellence for large clients, and Automation-As-A-Service to insurance companies of all sizes though the brand Insurance Robotics.


Headquartered in Washington DC metro area with global offices in Canada and India.

Why Us

Our founders have more than 20 years of experience in business process engineering, running BPO operations, and process automation implementation. Lateetud, was one of the first US system integrators of Blue Prism – the undisputed global leader in server-side Enterprise class RPA.

As a Blue Prism Partner, we provide software and implementation for large companies with thousands of employees. Based on the success of these RPA implementations, Blue Prism invited us to be one of the 10 members of their Executive Council in 2017 to collaborate on product direction.

Client Value

We were recently recognized by Blue Prism with their Client Value Award from amongst 57 global Blue Prism Partners. Our manufacturing, retail, banking, and insurance customers nominated us for this award.

  • 2017 Client Value Award

    Blue Prism CEO, Alistair Bathgate presents their Client Value Award to Lateeud’s Pawan Jadhav, CEO, and Murali Menon, VP of Services  

Working With Us

Lateetud (pronounced “latitude”) is a synonym for freedom and independence. Our mission is to give humans the freedom to put their energy into human efforts by automating burdensome non-value-added tasks.

We offer process excellence teams a flexible alternative to Big 5 consulting firms and publicly traded systems integrators. We implement process automation software without presuming to guide you down a long ambitious Journey to Digital Transformation.

We collaborate to create less complicated options to quickly deliver value with iBPMS and Robotic Process Automation software.

Management Team

  • Pawan Jadhav CEO

    Pawan brings 19+ years of leadership, customer focus, and experience working with fortu...

    Pawan Jadhav CEO

  • Murali Menon VP of Technology & Services

    Murali is a seasoned technology leader with over 20 years of experience spread across a...

    Murali Menon VP of Technology & Services

  • Andrew Spada Director of Process Automation

    Andrew has 5+ years experience in providing custom Process Excellence, Management, and ...

    Andrew Spada Director of Process Automation

  • Brian Patterson Director of Software & Services

    Brian's is certified in Blue Prism and TrustPortal

    Brian Patterson Director of Software & Services

Best of Class Technology Stack for Intelligent Automation

  • Blue Prism – Robotic Process Automation
  • TrustPortal – Unified Desktop & Assisted Automation
  • Bizagi – iBPMS
  • AuraPortal – iBPMS
  • IBM Watson – Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
  • Google Cloud Platform – Artificial Intelligence
  • Microsoft Azure – Machine Learning
  • AWS – Infrastructure & Security
  • Ephesoft – Optical Character Recognition
  • Lead Tools – Industry leading Optical Character Recognition toolset
  • Proprietary – Data Extraction, Text Analytics

Join the Team

We are always looking for bright and personable engineers and project managers able to travel 80% of the time, based out of Ashburn, VA or New Brunswick, Canada. Technology preference given to .NET, SQL, C# (preferred) or alternatively ASP.NET and Java. Good communication skills are imperative.

We’re also looking for Account Executives with strong technical acumen based in Ashburn, VA. Technical project management experience is a plus.

If interested in working with us, email us your resume to info -at- lateetud.com and tell us what makes you interested.