Advanced Data Intake

smART (Advanced Data Capture, Robotic Process Automation, and document Tracking and Routing)

SMART solves data intake challenges. Integrating RPA and BPM with Advanced Data Capture and Intelligent Analytics, allows for End to End Processing of even the most challenging unstructured data and processes.

Advanced Data Intake

  • Be SMART about data capture

    A few salient features include-

    • Data Extraction and Data Entry
    • Processing, Routing, Approvals and Document Classification
    • Modular – Pick and Choose based on your needs
    • Cloud or On-Premise

    SMART Processing Possibilities-

    • Insurance Submission for Quote
    • Invoice or Purchase Order
    • Application or Form
    • Scanned Bank Check
    • Identification Document
    • Unstructured Email Request
    • Many more data sources…

  • Integration - Systems and People

    RPA and Data Extraction in one place

    Software Robot or Virtual Worker requires data in digital format for processing. SMART accomplishes this by seamlessly integrating data extraction (OCR & Text Analytics) with RPA

    Exception Handling and Task Assignment

    SMART allows you to assign and track tasks. It allows you to manage exceptions arising out of data extraction and RPA
    processes. Nothing goes missing ever

    Intranet and Extranet Capability

    Collaborate with your partners, suppliers, customers and employees using inbuilt intranet and extranet capabilities. Documents can flow back and forth among different entities – for processing, approvals and corrections


  • Complete Control

    End-to-End Tracking

    SMART integration and management tools allow you to track all the documents in realtime, along with the status as well as extracted data

    Centralized Console

    SMART management console allows you to manage OCR, workflow, documents, RPA and communication from one central location

    Dashboard and Reports

    SMART captures everything – documents, people, data, flow, actions and RPA execution – providing you all the data necessary to track, optimize and audit your processes

    Document Management

    One central location to store data either in MS Sharepoint or in-built document management module

  • Multiple Sources and Formats

    Multiple Sources

    SMART can handle documents and data from email, scanner, FTP, online submissions and external applications through in-built adapters or web services

    Multiple Formats

    SMART handles all kinds of formats including PDF, Scan, MS Word or Image

  • Enterprise Scale

    Browser Based

    SMART is a browser based solution with features to define master templates, data extraction rules, fallout management, workflow and document management


    Integrated with MS Active Directory. Complete security controls with role based access to data and features to share data securely with internal and external users

    On-premise or Cloud

    SMART can be hosted in your data center or in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world