Robotic Process Automation

Virtual Workforce Powered by Software Robots to Perform Repetitive Tasks

Robotic Process Automation

  • Virtual Workforce

    Mimics Human Behavior

    Reads screens, orchestrates third party systems, easy to train, follows rules based processes and performs repeated actions

    Resilient, Well Governed and 24x7

    Complete audit capability – records everything and becomes repository of business rules. Provides management intelligence to improve processes and is designed to support regulatory compliance

  • Enterprise Scale

    Enterprise Strength

    Ability to perform at scale, with full suite of management tools to command and control Virtual Workforce. End to end data governance and logical access management

    Lights Out Workforce

    Virtual Workforce designed to work intelligently and autonomously, year round

  • Operations Owned

    Zero Coding

    Business user friendly toolset that provides zero-coding platform to map and automate processes

    On-demand Management

    Complete flexibility to deploy software robots based on business need – irrespective of time and skills

  • Analytics and Compliance

    Robotic Analytics

    Draws insight from wealth of data captured by the virtual workforce

    Complete Compliance

    Virtual employees follow documented process to the letter, without error, omission or deviation. And all the process data is captured for audit and compliance