Accelerate Agility with Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

Accelerate Agility with Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

Date of Events: February 24,2022 3 PM EST/ 12 PM PST

Category: Robotic Process Automation, Process Automation , Intelligent Automation, Healthcare

In this webinar, Pawan Jadhav, CEO, Lateetud ,Grace Long, Senior Manager, Automation - Global Finance, VSP Global and Anna Twomey, Senior Director, Healthcare Provider Practices, Blue Prism will discuss how to accelerate your healthcare processes with Intelligent Automation.

VSP Global one of the largest vision care companies in the world with over 80 million members and 39,000 doctors in their network. Lateetud is proud to have partnered with them in their digital transformation journey along with automation leader Blue Prism.

Join us to know about VSP’s success with Intelligent Automation, use cases and drivers for adoption. You will also know how you can leverage Intelligent Automation to transform your organization.

To know more: https://info.lateetud.com/accelerate_agility_vsp