Banking on the Cloud – Open Banking Delivered

Banking on the Cloud – Open Banking Delivered

Date of Events: Every Alternate Thursday, 3PM EST/12 PM PST

Category: Robotic Process Automation, Process Automation , Intelligent Automation, Banking

Join us in this live webinar where Pawan Jadhav talks about Open Banking and how to accelerate banking processes with Intelligent Automation on the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us to deliver the best-in-market solution to understand the overall risk and financial health of your borrower and to make data-backed decisions for loan approval and submission.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction - Who are Lateetud and what do we do?
  • Benefits of enabling banking processes on cloud platforms.
  • How to leverage open banking solutions to accelerate business processes.
  • Intelligent Automation and how to customize it for your bank's needs
  • Lateetud's suite of IA solutions - nVizion

nVizion is Lateetud’s group of AI-backed solutions, providing single-pane End-to-End Risk and Financial analytics for your bank’s Loan Origination and Servicing needs.

To know more https://info.lateetud.com/banking_on_the_cloud