Digital Transformation for Healthcare Providers

Digital Transformation for Healthcare Providers

Date of Events: Now available on-demand

Category: Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation, Healthcare Providers, Artificial Intelligence

Transforming healthcare has long been a topic of discussion at the executive table, but what does this actually mean for the way in which you and your teams will work for the now and beyond? Technology solution advocates, Lateetud and Blue Prism invite executive healthcare leaders like you, to join the conversation in a 60-minute exchange with leading healthcare experts as they break-down the drivers for healthcare transformation through intelligent automation with RPA and artificial intelligence. We’ll also focus on what technology disruption really means for your healthcare system in the competitive landscape.

You will learn:

  • What is Intelligent Automation
  • What is RPA
  • How does this all apply through actual, real-time healthcare use cases
  • Identify where to start: Process Assessments

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