Digital Transformation in Banking using RPA and AI

Digital Transformation in Banking using RPA and AI

Date of Events: Now available on-demand

Category: Robotic Process Automation, Process Automation , Intelligent Automation, Banking, Artificial Intelligence

It is estimated that 30-50% of the work that a loan processor or underwriter performs is manual. Lateetud has created a lightweight and agile intelligent automation solution where bots (Robotic Process Automation) perform on-demand to execute standardized and repetitive work within the pre-origination, underwriting, and closing processes and give results in minutes while working autonomously and saving 30-40%+ of time of your costly and valuable employees.

Join Lateetud & Blue Prism for a joint webinar where both will discuss how pre-origination and underwriting automation solutions powered by RPA and AI completely eliminate the manual work that loan processors and underwriters perform.

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