Data, AI and Collaboration solutions
for the banking industry
Empowering meaningful outcomes
across the lending journey

Deliver exceptional customer experience

Enhance Customer

Create solutions to reach and interact with customers effectively to increase loyalty, retention, and branding.

Empower Team

Enable team collaboration and productivity by providing solutions that streamline communication, automate workflows, and improve access to information.

Improve Lending and Operational Insights

Unite data silos and apply advanced analytics and AI to reveal actionable insights to help make smarter lending and operational decisions.

Lateetud enables AI and Automation in Banking

Provide a complete digital frontend to your customers for loan origination, onboarding, self-service and customer portals. Power these processes with AI and Machine Learning powered automated underwriting and eKYC/AML checks. This allows for a unified customer profile and automated workflows for an integrated, efficient, and personalized experience.

Leverage the cloud for financial services to manage data and create applications to deliver differentiated experiences, empower employees, and combat financial crime while facilitating security, compliance, and interoperability.

Deliver excellent customer support via Generative AI enabled chatbots, Digital Contact Center solutions powered by AI, and Smart Assist for CSRs.

Allow for interoperability and unify data to break down data silos with an industry specific data model and pre-built data connectors designed to accelerate insights and improve business workflows.

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