Nearly 90% of banking and lending executives said that the pandemic is proving a powerful catalyst for digitization of their firm’s mortgage processes.

The Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant health and economic challenges, but it has also forced innovation and accelerated mortgage industry digitization. Almost 85% of banking and lending executives describe their efforts at mortgage process digitization prior to COVID-19 as aggressive or very aggressive. COVID-19 has heightened that sense of urgency and need to digitize and modernize.

The Solution

Lateetud helps banking and mortgage lenders by empowering humans, increasing operational efficiencies, improving customer satisfaction, and adhering with compliance and governance standards. Using a combination of technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), data extraction, and workflow capabilities we relieve humans from mundane and repetitive tasks to focus on more value-added work. To ensure governance we provide secure data processing, data accuracy, fraud detection, immutable audit trails, and overall compliance. Intelligent Automation improves customer data accuracy, access to information, faster speed of service, overall impacting customers positively.

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Mortgage Appraisal Automation


Mortgage Appraisal Automation and Beyond

Intelligent Automation Provides a Platform that Enables Rapid Solutions for an Ever-Changing Landscape

Lateetud’s solutions provide efficiency in Originations, Servicing Operations, Loss Mitigation and Default Operations.


  • moticon1 Application
  • moticon2 Pre-Qual /
    Product Select
  • moticon3 Underwriting
  • moticon4 Closing


  • moticon5 Quality Control
  • moticon6 Servicing Setup
  • moticon7 Servicing
  • moticon8 Loss Mitigation
  • moticon9 Default Management
  • moticon10 REO Asset