6 Ways IA Can Boost Efficiency and Productivity

6 Ways IA Can Boost Efficiency and Productivity

  • Pawan Jadhav
  • February 19, 2020
Category: Robotic Process Automation, Process Automation Best Practices, Intelligent Automation

Last week, we explored the major indicators of a need for an Intelligent Automation (IA) solution. This week, we’ll dive deeper into the actual, day-to-day business benefits of IA. What can IA do to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your organization? We identified six key benefits, but there are many more.


  1. IA Extends Capabilities of Software Robots: Today, robots can do more with Intelligent Automation. They can better understand data because of OCR/NLP or AI/ML-powered data extraction tools more easily, work hand-in-hand with human workers with the help of workflow orchestration and make better or more qualified decisions because of AI/ML powered decisioning systems. Now, software robots can meaningfully interact with humans via chatbot, intelligent IVR or email. Ultimately, you can now automate more – the cases that were exceptions can now become part of the scope.
  2. IA Can Effectively Be Used Off-Hours: An Intelligent Automation system works around the clock, increasing productivity during off-hours. It also allows employees to manage exceptions more easily during office hours– even these exceptions you have reduced by extending capabilities of your software robots using IA.
  3. IA Allows You to Spend More Time Building Relationships: Now that more cases are automated, you can spend more time talking to your customers and building relationships with them, rather than spending time doing manual activities that do not add value.
  4. IA Increases Visibility Across Processes: IA increases visibility because all of your people (digital or human), processes and technology are being orchestrated. It opens the door to complete end-to-end visibility of what is happening. If there are exceptions, you know how many exceptions and why (and who) is handling the exceptions at any given point in time. More importantly, you know where the bottlenecks are and the impact of them. Also, your customers and vendors have more information about their orders, support requests, or invoices.
  5. IA Allows You to Scale Faster: Now that your entire process has been automated to the maximum, you can do more with less. Whether it is seasonal spike or growth, you can handle both with relative ease.
  6. IA Means Growth, Followed by More Growth: Now that your cost centers are automated to the maximum extent, you can divert your attention and money to acquire new markets. You know that you can handle more business at a lower cost-per-unit. Your cost is no longer linear. You have arrived!

Now that you understand the fundamentals of IA, how do you actually implement it in your organization? In my next post, I’ll walk you through “How to craft an Intelligent Automation strategy”. In the meantime, visit for more information about how IA can benefit your organization.