Finally! Robust Intelligent Desktop Automation!

Finally! Robust Intelligent Desktop Automation!

  • Brian Patterson
  • February 2, 2018
Category: Robotic Process Automation
Enterprise leader in Robotic Process Automation – Blue Prism – teams up with TrustPortal to offer robust desktop automation with execution intelligence

TrustPortal brings Blue Prism’s Enterprise strength RPA to the desktop with human-to-robot and robot-to-human automations through dynamic HTML5 read/write forms and an incredibly nimble Unified Desktop.

Front office tasks and the rise of RDA (Recorded Desktop Automation)

Since the inception of “Robotic Process Automation” as it became known in 2012, there’s been a trade-off between the industrial strength reliability of server-side RPA usually for “unattended” back-office processes versus the screen scraping and scripting of “attended” Recorded Desktop Automation (RDA) tools which have lent themselves primarily to front-office tasks.

RDA deploys quickly, but screen scraping breaks easily… and it’s much slower than Server-Side RPA

RDA tools like those offered by UiPath and Automation Anywhere execute processes at the speed of a well-caffeinated human but remain on average 5x slower than a virtualized digital workforce from Blue Prism. Recorded Desktop Automation performed at human speeds gained popularity in 2016 and 2017 as an easy out-of-the-box deployment option. Until now with TrustPortal, Blue Prism had relied on custom HTML apps, workflow tools, or BPM solutions to trigger “assisted automation” of human-to-robot and robot-to-human interactions from the desktop.

TrustPortal unites Blue Prism’s Enterprise RPA with a flexible Unified Desktop

TrustPortal offers easy out-of-the-box desktop automation to unlimited users at Enterprise RPA speeds. TrustPortal elegantly extends Blue Prism’s object oriented architecture through dynamic HTML5 forms that can trigger robots in every conceivable way. It also goes even further than RDA by offering Parallel Search of information from any system (mainframe, CRM, ERP, other) to the desktop through HTML5. You know how customer-facing workers can spend time looking for some specific information in multiple systems? Automating these tasks could not (and will never) be addressed using an RDA tool. But with TrustPortal, Blue Prism robots can fetch any specific information for you from a secure, highly scalable, virtual server. Automatically or Manually. Sequentially or Simultaneously. Conditionally and Intelligently. All while executing automations 500% faster on average.

Industrial Strength Desktop Automation with BPM functionality

TrustPortal extends multithreaded processing power behind push-button “assisted” automation with the machine-speeds of Blue Prism. This offers an incredibly robust and easy way to deploy human-to-robot, robot-to-human, and even human-to-human workflows. Executing all these processes from a virtual server is much faster than from thick-client RDA tools. Take this simple example of a routine task which could take an average 40 seconds to execute with an RDA tool; it can now be done in 7 seconds with TrustPortal and Blue Prism.


Server-Side RPA changes everything by replacing sequential task automation with simultaneous processing. Enterprise RPA also avails itself to advanced functionality powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning unlike RDA. Blue Prism is also faster at executing literally every step within a given process by leveraging Intelligent Wait Times.

Intelligent wait times shave seconds and milliseconds off of each step of every process

Multithreaded Desktop Automation and Parallel Search lower OPEX costs and improve customer experiences

Productivity of customer-facing workers is often measured by KPIs such as Calls Per Hour, Average Handle Time, and Average Hold Time all of which benefit from speed of automation and parallel search. Let’s take the example illustrated above with automation speeds of 40 seconds and 7 seconds. The resulting Call Time drops from 4:10 to 3:37 representing a 13% reduction. In a call center with 1,000 agents at $35K/yr per Full Time Equivalent, this equates to $2.3M/year in OPEX savings even if only ½ of customer interactions required automation or lookups. This $2.3M/year represents the potential savings of switching from an RDA to RPA. Customer experience also benefits by these process improvements that go above and beyond the abilities of RDA.

Execution Intelligence increases the scope and complexity of processes that can be automated

Assisted automation in the form of worker-to-robot, robot-to-worker, and robot-to-customer process flows can be executed more thoroughly with intelligent execution and exception handling of RPA. Whereas, RDA tools offer “attended automation” which take over a user’s desktop and returns exceptions to the worker to resolve. An object-oriented RPA tool such as Blue Prism’s leverages reusable processes & objects that can be incorporated and modified to easily deploy complex workflows that require much less human intervention. RPA also leverages best of bread AI integrations to learn from processing patterns & contextual data with an ability to solve logic, business, and system problems without human intervention providing a solid foundation for digital transformation.

Object-Oriented Server-Side RPA is “Future Proof”

Can you imagine how a record-and-play RDA tool could ever compete with server-side RPA on speed? Could a screen-scraping RDA tool ever rival object-oriented RPA on governance, scalability, resilience, or durability? What technological breakthrough could possibly lend itself to closing the inherent limitations of screen-scraping RDA tools?

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