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Check out this short video to see how APex – Lateetud's Accounts Payable Excellence automation solution works. You will get a sneak peek into the product, features, benefits and process flow to see how APex is adaptable and scalable to suit your firm’s AP processing needs.



Increase Invoice Processing Bandwidth by 400%


Decrease End-to-End processing time by 5X


Eliminate human-workforce induced errors by 100%


Return on Investment by end of Year 1

Solution Brief

Accounts Payable Automation

APex is the best-in-market automation solution for your Accounts Payable processing needs. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, APex is designed to have an adaptive and customizable model to automate the entire invoice intake and approval process.

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  • Invoice Header and Line Item Detail Extraction via AI/ML powered by nVizion
  • Intelligent workflow routing for reviews, verification, approvals, etc.
  • Robotic Process Automation to minimize/eliminate human touchpoints
  • Works with any existing platforms, no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Unlimited Scalability; leverage any of these modular components company wide

Choose from transparent, flexible pricing models

APex’s adaptive and customizable model gives you the flexibility to choose a pricing
plan based on AP processing needs.

Pricing Options

Per-invoice Pricing

A pricing plan based on the number of invoices processed. This is customizable as per seasonality of submission volumes.

Per-module Pricing

A pricing plan based on your choice of modules. This plan is customizable as per your business rules for the AP process.


The Advantage

  • Vendor PortalLeverage the portal internally or use it as a vendor facing platform. It allows for submission of invoices and offers unparalleled visibility into invoice submissions, thereby reducing the amount of time spent fielding inquiries.
  • Chatbot Intelligent AI/ML powered chatbot (INA) provides real-time status and answers questions.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) IVR and text integrated with chatbot and RPA provide real time voice and text responses to vendors.

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