What we do?

Lateetud is a boutique automation solutions company that helps drive digital automation transformation initiatives within enterprises by leveraging technologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), BPM (Business Process Management) and Advanced Data Intake (nVizion) together with cognitive technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Chatbots. Our solutions have resulted in improved efficiencies, increased throughput, improved productivity and significant cycle time reduction.

Lateetud brings together its expertise on one hand in launching “Digital Workforce” that automates the mundane data manipulation tasks such as data entry, looking up documents and acting on them based on rules and on the other hand launching approval cycles via workflow tools that use interactive technologies like AI powered Chatbots/IVR/text and incorporate machine learning to make decisions.

Our focus is to extend the capabilities of the digital workforce to increase the potential of automation. To this extent Lateetud provides implementation services and end-to-end product & solutions offerings.

Proof Of Concept
Establish Capabilities
Replicate & Ramp-Up
Deliver Differentiated Performance

Value from Automation


  1. Access Processes To Determine if Those Are Suitable For Automation
  2. Prototype Automation of One of Your Processes
  3. Establish Capability 2-3 Month Engagement To:
    • Automate 2-3 High-Impact Processes
    • Define Automation Operating Model and Center of Excellence (Roles & Governance)
    • Standardize Opportunity Assessment and KPIs
    • Train your Employees
  4. Replicate & Ramp Up 2-3 Month Half-Scale Engagement To:
    • Automate 1-2 Complex Processes
    • Shoulder-to-Shoulder Development and Training in Best Practices
    • Mentor Employees through Certification
  5. Fully Enabled and Self-Sufficient to Drive Automation Initiatives Within 4-6 Months