Advanced Data Intake (nVizion) Overview

When employee processes are evaluated for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), one key factor to be considered is the nature of data used in that process. Robots can only work with structured, digital data. However, in the workplace, that is not often the case. Examples of unstructured data you may come across in the workplace include:


Unstructured emails or chats


Scanned pdf images of forms or other documents like invoices or lease agreements in PDF, TIFF, MS WORD or any other format

The data must be extracted from structured, semi-structured or unstructured sources. Lateetud has recognized the need for a holistic solution and has developed nVizion, an integrated web-based platform to address all the data-intake challenges.

It is a zero-coding software platform, inherently integrated with RPA platforms that business users can own and use.

Reduce time to automate by pic1
and increase scope of Robotic
Process Automation (RPA) by at least pic2

Key Features

nVizion suite contains three distinct components to solve the problem:

  1. nVizion Structure templates
    • Automatic document classification and extraction of data from digital text or images when the input data is in few, known number of formats
    • Built-in Optical Character Recognition engine
    • Based on predefined structured templates and zones. Zones are specific locations in the document
    • Can handle check boxes, tables
  2. nVizion Content Rules (for unstructured content)
    • Very sophisticated rule definition engine, built-in OCR engine
    • Wizard-based definition of Rule sets, rules and chained rule for search, extraction, and validation of content
    • Support for contexts, custom, and domain-specific dictionaries
    • Not dependent on the format of the document
  3. nVizion- Machine Learning
    • Based on data models that can be used to train the platform as per the document type.
    • Zero coding, click and train functionality. Very easy to set up, own and operate
    • Can handle a potentially large number of variations in the document format
    • Learn on the fly and improves with training

Advantages of nVizion

True to the philosophy of no-coding that Lateetud follows:

  1. nVizion is a zero-coding, flexible-deployment platform
  2. The machine learning component is available for the hosted model
  3. nVizion helps businesses identify critical data in reports such as
    • Medical records
    • Legal contracts
    • Purchase orders
    • Invoices
  4. Quickly & accurately scrub and validate the extracted data in XML, JSON and CSV formats for future usage

nVizion is integrated with MS Active Directory providing complete security controls with role-based access to data and features


Highly scalable architecture and batch processing support allows high volumes data processing

Browser Based

nVizion is a browser-based solution with features to define templates, data extraction rules

On-Premise or Cloud

nVizion can be hosted in your data center or in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world

AI and Machine Learning Enabled

nVizion uses NLP, AI, and Machine Learning to solve complex data extraction challenges

Integration Capabilities

nVizion supports ready-made connectors to leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools such as Blue Prism and UiPath as well as leading BPM tools such as AuraPortal and Bizagi. Software Robots or Virtual Workers require data in digital format for processing. nVizion accomplishes this by seamlessly integrating data extraction (OCR & Text Analytics) with RPA.

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