Customer Service

Customer experience reimagined
Generative AI and composable contact center solutions
for faster call resolution and higher customer satisfaction scores

Deliver exceptional customer service

Personalize customer

Deliver connected service experiences that delight customers.

Elevate employee

Solve problems faster with generative AI and actionable insights.

Optimize service

Unlock new revenue streams and reduce service costs.

Lateetud consulting services help you deliver
differentiated customer interactions

Automate inquiries with Generative AI, RPA, and chatbots to reduce
wait times.

Support messaging channels like SMS and Chat alongside voice with intelligent routing and performance tracking.

Equip customer service agents with Generative AI assistants, workflow automation, and Robotic Process Automation to resolve cases faster.

Provide agents with a unified view of a customer with automated transcripts, case history, and support from team members without leaving the context of the interaction.


Generative AI Assistant for CSRs

Generative AI assistant powered by Microsoft Azure and OpenAI, expedites and structures CSR's access to information from any source. Serves information in Natural Language, and is available for client self-service.


Contact Center AI

LatCall is the best-in-market automation solution for your Contact
Center process. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process
Automation, LatCall is designed to have an adaptive and scalable model
to automate most of your Contact Center operations, increasing
customer experience, employee retention and First Call Resolution (FCR).