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AI-powered self-service

Automate routine inquiries with conversational AI, RPA and chatbots to reduce wait times.

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Omnichannel customer service

Support messaging channels like WhatsApp, SMS, or WebChat alongside voice with intelligent routing and performance tracking.

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Remote agent contact centers

Make it easy for agents and supervisors to work from home with little to no operational impact.

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Proactive customer engagement

Reach customers with automated text notifications, click-to-dial, preview dialers, or a callback service during peak hours.

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Benefits & Results


Roadmap to Success


Envision your Success

  • Identify areas of improvement through structured process assessment and call analysis
  • Identify solutions and technology fit
  • Create a business case with ROI and business benefits

Accelerate your Vision

  • Build and design the solution
  • Embed within existing applications like SalesForce, HubSpot, etc.
  • Create a single pane view using API, RPA and zero-code interfaces
  • Connect with ecosystem partners that provide certified integrations for WFM and campaign drivers

Cruise and Optimize

  • Review metrics for optimization
  • Review top call drivers for introducing self-service or deflection solutions
  • Use performance trends to further inspect and iterate your contact center

Choose from transparent, flexible pricing models

Pricing options

Per-hour pricing

Pay per active user hour to flexibly scale up or down with seasonal traffic or account for part-time agents.

Per-month pricing

Pay flat rate per named user (agent, supervisor, or administrator) per month for predictable spend, regardless of volume or activity.

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