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Proactive Case Management of SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness
fuelled by Artificial intelligence

SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness In a Box

Base Solution - 24-48 Hrs.
Custom Automation - T&M
Portal For Forms and Documents Submission
  • SMB Applicant Submits PPP Loan Forgiveness Application and Supporting Documents Through ready - made Portal
  • The Applicant can also benefit from real time Calculations of loan Forgiveness and carry Forward Status.
Automated Extraction & Calculation
  • Robotic Automation (RPA) processes submssion and feeds Abbyy Data Extraction
  • PPP From Data is automatically extracted by Abbyy
  • IF Source is Data File/CSV: RPA extracts data automatically as Well
  • RPA Performs automated validation checks and loan forgiveness calculations
Digital Case Management
  • Bizagi mirrors the Lender's PPP Loan portfolio to create ready-to-manage cases and accurately match and manage inbound Forgiveness applications
  • Bizagi provides automated Forgiveness application case creation and work assignment
  • Bizagi allows intuitive Simplifed interfaces for loan amount & forgiveness review and approval
  • Bizagi will streamline cross-functional workflows to complete end-to-end Process
Automated Etran Data Entry
  • RPA receives case approval and enters data into SBA Etran.
  • RPA can submit via user Interface or XML channel.
  • RPA triggers exception requests in Case Management layer.
  • RPA Performs Etran automated adjustments and resubmissions
  • RPA Can automate any data-entry and / or structured downstream Process Within your LOS or other applications
  • ABBYY Can Extract data from any Structured / Unstructured document or data Source
  • Bigazi Can streamline any end-to-end / cross-functional process through Human and Robot Orchestration

Key Business Benefits


Proactively Manage your SBA PPP Loans


Ensure Customer


Boost Visibility and accuracy


Comply With SBA Timelines & Guidelines

Adopt Innovation today

How it works


Case Management

To guarantee proactive customer outreach, timely and accurate data inputs for validation, the Digital Orchestration layer will provide significant value to lenders and borrowers. It will hold disbursed loans and client data, it will trigger the engagement with borrowers by sending reminders with detailed instructions on what to submit and when. The solution will provide a portal enabled with AI chatbot powered by Digital Workers to facilitate client registration for document submission and status requests, and will provide unparalled visibility on loan forgiveness requests. By providing quick and easy insight to open requests it will increase customer satisfaction.


Cognitive Data Extraction

The solution will sit on a database with information on all your SBA PPP Disbursed Loans, (SBA Loan number, Company name, Email id, Loan approved date, Funding date, Amount) it will be ready to ingest the required data to process calculations and verifications necessary for Loan Forgiveness to be granted, in accordance to SBA guidelines. Advanced Data Extraction ABBYY NLP engine will extract, sort and prepare data with high accuracy levels for calculations to be automatically completed and prepared for Agent review as well as Loan Portafolio onboarding.


Robotic Processing

Digital Workers will be able to quickly queue uploaded documents by borrower for Extraction, move extracted data into workflow engine for agents to have visibility over both a graphical capture of the submitted documentation as extracted and preprocessed data. Additionally digital workers are capable of keeping synchrony among the request inputs (email, chatbot, Lender's CRM, Portal submissions) and all processing systems to facilitate agile output responses to borrower and lender and lender ecosystem. Since digital workers leverage UI for system interaction there is no need for hefty integration development.