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Lateetud is a global award-winning process automation company.

We provide software and implementation for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management (BPM), and Advanced Data Intake (nVizion) - often fueled with cognitive capabilities such as natural language processing and machine learning.

On-site implementation services include architecture setup, training, deployment and governance best practices, and shoulder-to-shoulder automation modeling. We also offer off-site automation modeling to augment the Center of Excellence for large clients, and Automation-As-A-Service.

Why Us

With more than 20 years of experience in business process engineering, running BPO operations, and implementing process automation software, our founders are focused on providing custom solutions that support increased processing speed and volume. Lateetud, which provides RPA software and enablement for medium- to large-sized companies with thousands of employees, works to eliminate human error and wasted time and improve overall customer experience. Furthermore, Lateetud specializes in technologies that extend the capabilities of digital workers (RPA) to assist companies with the expansion of automation and provide an end-to-end solution, through Advance Data Intake, BPM-workflow, and AI/ML.

For our dedication in the industry, Blue Prism honored us to be a member of their Executive Council in 2017, which collaborates on product direction.

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