What do we do?

Lateetud is a global award-winning digital transformation company.

We provide services and solutions for low-code technologies like Workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Analytics, Integration, and Intelligent Document Processing- often fueled with cognitive capabilities such as natural language processing and machine learning.

Our implementation services include architecture setup, training, deployment and governance best practices, and shoulder-to-shoulder automation modeling. We also offer off-site automation modeling to augment the Center of Excellence for large clients and hosted software solutions.

If you have looking to IGNITE your journey in low-code technologies or would like to ACCELERATE your digital transformation initiative or put your automation program on CRUISE mode, then contact Lateetud.

Why Us?

With more than 7+ years of experience in enabling enterprises in low-code development, running large scale digital transformation programs, and implementing low-code automation technologies, our consulting teams are focused on providing custom solutions that support increased processing speed and volume.

Lateetud, which provides services and solutions using low-code technologies for medium to large-sized companies with thousands of employees, works to analyze data, build solutions, integrate systems, automate processes, and communicate effectively with customers. Apart from providing consulting services Lateetud has also developed solutions and accelerators to make organization agile, modern, effective, and cost efficient.

For our dedication Lateetud has won several awards from leading industry organizations and accolades from marquee customers.

Corporate Values



As a boutique natured firm we can modify, adapt, and most of all tailor our solutions and services to bring powerful value to each relationship and partnership we embark on. This road may sometimes be a little more challenging but is always repaid in happiness.



We continuously strive to reshape the standard of excellence and value sought after our employees, clients, and partners. We foster cross-cultural brainstorming and embrace new challenges with a drive to look for meaningful and future-proof innovation in the ever-changing corporate technology landscape.


Integrity & Trust

Our company culture rewards integrity. Carrying ourselves with honesty; fosters trustworthiness among employees, clients, and partners alike. This allows us to develop meaningful relationships with all of them and the community we belong to.



At Lateetud, we believe in the strength of diversity and that it is set in motion when we respect and value differences. Our diverse workforce is the fuel which helps us produce new perspectives and groundbreaking approaches to tackle the most complex and unheard of challenges.



Uncovering and nurturing unique and diverse talent is in our DNA. As we always seek to provide growth opportunities not only to our employees, our clients, and partners but also to our community. Empowering them gives us a great deal of pride and satisfaction, this results in powerful synergies from all the relationships we commence.

Our Partners