Leverage Microsoft Power Platform to Power up Your Business

Leverage Microsoft Power Platform to Power up Your Business

  • Pawan Jadhav
  • May 11, 2021
Category: Microsoft Power Platform, Intelligent Automation, Healthcare, Banking, AI

It’s universal; we’ve all watched far-fetched sci-fi movies and quietly wished for robots to help us manage the arduous tasks that dominate our lives. Yet, robots are already largely managing our interactions with businesses, only not in the suspenseful, often dangerous ways portrayed in movies. While it may seem far-fetched to some businesses, automation has become our way of life. Increasingly, digital transformation is no longer optional to stand out from the competition and operate with optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Robotics

Likely, you’ve heard these terms more frequently in business vernacular; it’s because more businesses are relying on software robots and other innovations to carry out repeated and tedious tasks quickly, efficiently and without human error. These machines, software and robots are automating unnecessary manual tasks and emancipating humans from administrative work to focus on more meaningful jobs.

Future-Proof Your Business

Banking bots Whether your business is large or small, automation is the future. Gone are the days when only business giants leveraged the power of technology. Since the world is becoming more and more digitized, small to large enterprise owners have realized that to survive and sail through the competition, adopting the latest technologies is key. In short, workplace or business automation is becoming a necessity. Automation comes in various forms, and the list of benefits is quite long. From improving operational efficiency, quality and consistency, increasing customer and employee satisfaction to saving time and cost, automation is dramatically reshaping the way of doing business now and in the future.

The Power of Microsoft Platform

How do you implement multiple technologies and manage them all while running a business? The concern is common and the solution is becoming more prevalent as businesses continue to ask that question. Microsoft, the multinational technology company, devised one connected platform to address this concern called Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Platform enables enterprises to automate business processes end to end in an “all under one roof technology” - data extraction, workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), analytics, chatbot and AI capabilities

Banking bots The platform is a low-code, easy-to-use technology that allows you to build and grow your enterprise without the need to acquire external tools. With built-in integrations with Outlook, Teams, SharePoint and Azure ML, it is an intelligent combination of four entities from analytics to automation that can benefit not only business users but experienced developers and IT/Admins. It also seamlessly integrates with various applications like Office365, Dynamics 365 as well as standalone applications, significantly simplifying adoption for Microsoft 365 customers. The processes Microsoft Power Platform can automate cover multiple and varying industries, including:

Microsoft Power Platform

4 Pillars of Success

Thanks to the following 4 pillars, Microsoft Power Platform provides a significant competitive edge:

Power BI – A comprehensive business analytics tool that brings together disparate data sets into reporting dashboards.

Power Apps – A rapid application development platform to create custom, no-code, mobile and web apps.

Power Automate – A workflow and process automation tool to simplify complex business processes.

Power Virtual Agents – A no-code intelligent bot builder.

Banking bots These pillars are game-changers for businesses looking to modernize business applications and process and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital -first world. These tools move companies into digital transformation by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hyper Automation, and Mixed Reality to connect systems, automate processes, improve data insight, optimize operations, empower employees, engage customers and more.



What happens with the 4 Players of Power Platform are leveraged in a business?

1. Speed, Efficiency, and Savings

The enterprise-grade power platform manages all kinds of information from a unified dashboard, even if you are using multiple, disparate tools for generating data; thus, it simplifies business operations, improves the speed and efficiency of workflows, and saves an ample amount of time, money and resources. In short, it is one platform with multiple benefits.

2. Anyone Can Become an Expert

Anyone can get started with the Power Platform due to its low-code policy. It eliminates the need for high and complicated coding, and hence one need not be data scientists, developers, coding, or AI expertise to handle Power Platform.

3. Excellent Team Collaboration and Office 365 Integration

Power Platform brings you the ease of using Microsoft's workplace collaboration tool ‘Teams.’ Its dashboards, apps, and automation are available within Teams, and hence the creators can now publish their apps directly to their company’s app library in Teams. Additionally, Outlook, SharePoint, Azure ML and any other Office 365 apps are ready and built-in, allowing the seamless management of enterprise data, and the simplification of everyday business processes and tasks.

4. Lesser Dependency on Third-Party Tools

The all-in-on Microsoft Power Platform boasts powerful analytics, design, development, and automation tools. This means you can avoid hunting for separate software licensing and maintenance tools for your business and save yourself from unnecessary cost and stress.

5. Freedom to Work Across Devices

The four powers of Power Platform can either be used individually or collectively on any desktop, tablet, or handheld device as per your business needs. The perk? Nothing can stop or affect the growth, productivity, and efficiency of your organization.

The Power Dynamic

Power Platform is an intelligent tool that automates workflows with an API-based approach, exchanges data with legacy on-premises software, and integrates AI models into your workflows with low-code.

Banking bots With Power Platform, the possibilities are endless. The more you learn about it, the more of its potential you can unlock. It can supercharge your workflow and improve your organization’s productivity by saving money, scaling tasks, and supporting desired goals. Its next-generation level of digital automation and accessibility to everyone from coders to non-coders is helping it gain recognition among all and is undoubtedly a better way to work less and accomplish more.